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D2030R - Baldor 30 1750 SC2512ATZ DPG 240V, Motor
Baldor - D2030R
Price: $11,804.21
Manufacturer SKU: D2030R
Manufacturer ID: 781568462485

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Part Number: D2030R

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Applications: Metals, printing, extruders, cranes, conveyors, machine tools, web processes

Features: Unique laminated square frame for improved commutation on rectified power supplies. The square configuration allows for increased rating per frame size. High limit thermostat. Provision for adding adapter mounted feedback device. Class F rated insulation system. Service Line brushes with convenient wear indicating reference lines. PLS (Positive Lubrication System) for longer bearing and motor life. F-1 mounting unless otherwise specified. Tach adaptable with thermostat
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