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AZ17-02ZRK - Schmersal Keyed interlock switch ( 161133968)

AZ17-02ZRK - Schmersal
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Manufacturer SKU: AZ17-02ZRK
Manufacturer ID: 161133968

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Part Number: AZ17-02ZRK

Safety switch with separate actuator (sold separately); 2 NC Contacts ; Latching force 30 N; cable gland M16

*Actuators must be ordered separately*

The compact Series AZ17 is designed for use with movable machine guards/access gates which must be closed for operator safety. Their positive-opening NC contacts provide a significantly higher level of safety than conventional springdriven switches whose contacts can weld or stick shut. And their tamper-resistant design prevents bypassing with simple tools, bent wires or other readily available means. Their IP67 rating makes them ideal for interlocking safety guards in hostile environments.

� Thermoplastic enclosure
� Small body
� 8 actuating planes
� 30 mm x 60 mm x 30 mm
� Multiple coding
� Long life
� Double-insulated
� High level of contact reliability with low voltages and currents
� Not sensitive to dirty conditions by virtue of patented roller system

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