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BN31/33 - Schmersal Mounting spacer (shim plate) ( 101158893 )

BN31/33 - Schmersal
Price: $14.00
Manufacturer SKU: BN31/33
Manufacturer ID: 101158893

Availability: Stock - 4 weeks
Part Number: BN31-33

*Note: This is an accessory for the BNS33 line, NOT the sensor or the actuator magnet. Sensor and magnet are sold separately.*


Mounting spacer ONLY.

The Series BNS33 coded-magnet sensors are designed for use as a safety interlock switch on movable machine guards/articulating robot arms. Each sensor set consists of a multiple reed switch unit and a coded-magnet actuator. The reed switches, wired in series, will only close in the presence of their matched magnetic field array. Both switch and magnet assemblies are sealed to IP67 (submersible) standards (IP69K for BNS33S). Their tamperresistant design prevents bypassing with a simple magnet or improperly coded magnetic field. In addition, the BNS module features an optional built-in LED display of switch status, and a 1-meter long prewired pigtail to assure sealing integrity.