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BNS-B20-12ZG-H - Schmersal Sensor Unit for door handle system ( 101184134 )

BNS-B20-12ZG-H - Schmersal
Price: $112.00
Manufacturer SKU: BNS-B20-12ZG-H
Manufacturer ID: 101184134

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Part Number: BNS-B20-12ZG-H

*Note: Contains only the Sensor with built-in 1m rear-mounted wire. The actuator-door handle unit must be ordered separately.*


Sensor unit for both right and left-hand hinged door. Terminates with 1 meter of bottom-mounted cable.

The Series BNS-B20 is designed for use as a combination door handle and safety interlock switch for use on light to medium weight hinged and sliding machine guards. Each unit consists of a door handle assembly equipped with two multiple reed switch arrays and coded magnet actuators. In addition, the unit features two latching magnets that attract pole pieces in the sensor unit providing a holding force of approximately 100 Newtons. The reed switches will only close in the presence of their matched magnetic field array, thus enabling machine operation. Both switch and magnet assemblies are sealed to IP67 standards. Their tamper-resistant design prevents bypassing with simple magnets. The unit also features an LED display of switch status and an optional M12x1 quickconnect for ease of wiring and installation.