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NI40-CP80-FZ3X2 - Turck 80mm rectangular sensor, NonEmbeddable, Prog. Outputs, 2-Wire AC/DC (M1341500) (13415)

NI40-CP80-FZ3X2 - Turck
Price: $417.00
Manufacturer SKU: NI40-CP80-FZ3X2
Manufacturer ID: 13415

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Part Number: NI40-CP80-FZ3X2


TURCK's 80 mm rectangular inductive sensor is available as embeddable / nonembeddable with a terminal chamber.

Outputs are available in 2-wire AC/DC short-circuit protected, 2-wire AC/DC, 2-wire NAMUR, 3-wire DC NPN, 3-wire DC PNP, 4-wire DC NPN, and 4-wire DC PNP.