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BS 5146-0 - Turck Picofast Field Wireable, IDC, 4-wire, 4-pin, Straight Male, accepts 4-5 mm cable diameter (U6576)

BS5146-0 - Turck
Price: $25.50
Manufacturer SKU: BS 5146-0
Manufacturer ID: U6576

Availability: Stock
Part Number: BS5146-0


TURCK's Eurofast M8 IDC field-wireable connectors offer many advantages over screw terminal or soldered contacts because they allow for a gas-tight connection without the additional steps of stripping cable insulation. Simple, tool-less, installation is made possible by twisting the field wireable connector ends together. This forces the un-stripped conductors between terminating connector blades, providing a gas-tight connection.

Insulation Displacement Connection technology has proven to be an effective alternative to stripping and soldering wire terminations. Used in the telecommunication industry for over 30 years as IDC blocks, this technology offers an easy, cost effective method for field wiring multiple conductors. The solid IP67 connection can be re-used or reconnected through multiple cycles.