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Foot and Palm Switch
GEMCO's Foot and Palm operated switches are a part of a broad selection of industrial control devices. The four basic switches include:
Type A: Standard Duty NEMA 1 Treadle Operator
Type B: Heavy Duty NEMA 4 Treadle Operator
Type C: Heavy Duty NEMA 4 Side Treadle Operator
Type D: 5" Mushroom Button

These industrial-rated switches are especially suited to applications where an operator must have both hands free to perform other functions or, in the face of the Type D, Where a highly visible switch is required for quick and easy operations. S.P.D.T. and/or D.P.D.T. contacts in each device are Gemco Precision limit Switches.

Type A, B, C, and D Switches are available in a wide choice of contact arrangements, ratings and enclosure styles. Industrial duty 4 way 5 port air valves are available for air control circuits.

Some Gemco safety switches are interchangeable with similar Cutler Hammer parts, please take the time to look over our reference table.

Switch Cutler-Hammer
Part Number
Part Number
C 10251-H26A 1025-C-2SP-X
D 10251-H28A 1025-D-1SP
D 10251-H31A 1025-D-2SP
B 10251-H33B 1025-B-1SP-P-X
B 10251-H34B 1025-B-1SP-G-X
B 10251-H35C 1025-B-1SP-S-X
B 10251-H39B 1025-B-2SP-P-X
B 10251-H40B 1025-B-2SP-G-X
B 10251-H41C 1025-B-2SP-S-X
B 10251-H42B 1025-B-2SP-P-L
B 10251-H43B 1025-B-2SP-G-L
B 10251-H44C 1025-B-2SP-S-L
B 10251-H47C 1025-1402