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955D Digital BRIK Gen III LDT

955D Digital BRIK Gen III LDT

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The 955D Digital BRIK Gen III is an accurate programmable, auto-tuning, non-contact, linear displacement transducer in an economical, low profile package. The transducer utilizes our field proven magnetostrictive technology to give absolute position, repeatable to .006% of the programmable sensing distance.

The streamlined anodized aluminum extrusion houses the sensing element and electronics. The magnet moves over the sensing element that determines the position and converts it to either a control pulse, variable pulse or RS422 Start/Stop digital output. The 955D is compatible with PLC Interface Cards like our 2120L1 module and 1746 LTD Interface Card.

The 955D BRIK Gen III has some truly unique features. The first one is the LDT’s auto-tuning capability, the ability to sense a magnet other than the standard slide magnet and adjust its signal strength accordingly.

There is a diagnostic LED located at the connector end of the probe that remains green while a good magnet signal is present and when the magnet is in the programmed stroke area. The LED turns yellow if no interrogation signal is detected. The LED turns red when there is no magnet present or when the magnet is out of the sensing area.

The 955D BRIK is designed for applications where economical continuous feedback is necessary. The sensor can be a cost effective replacement to limit switches, proximity sensors, linear potentiometers and LVDT’s. Applications include presses, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, roll positioning, dancer control and many more.

  • Input Voltage - 13.5 to 30 VDC
  • Current Draw - 2.5 Watts Maximum, 120 mA @ 15 VDC Typical
  • Output - Control Pulse, Variable Pulse, Stop/Start
  • Resolution - Controller Dependent
  • Non-Linearity - +/- 0.05% of Stroke
  • Repeatbility - +/- 0.006% of Full Stroke
  • Hysteresis - +/- 0.02% of Full Scale
  • Update - Controller Dependent
  • Operating Temperature - -20° to 70° C
  • Span Length - 5” to 180”
  • Null Zone - 3.00”
  • Dead Zone - 2.00”
  • LED -
    • Green = Power is applied and magnet is present.
    • Red = Fault, magnet is in the Dead Zone or lost.
    • Yellow = No Interrogation Signal
  • Connector - Standard 6 Pin Micro 12mm Euro Connector
  • Approvals - CE
  • Enclosure- IP67, IP68 Optional
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are based on a typical 36” LDT.

pdfDownload the 955D Digital BRIK Gen III LDT brochure in *.pdf format.

pdfDownload the 955D Digital BRIK Gen III LDT manual in *.pdf format.

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