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RPM AC Encoder Feedback Kits

Baldor Encoder Feedback Kits:

Come in various styles with or without mounting hardware for RPM AC Motors, including slide bases and filter kits.

Compact square laminated steel frame FL210-L440 (FL180 is extruded aluminum) for vector duty 1000:1 constant torque. Premium class H insulation, 40 C ambient, 1.0 S.F. Ball bearing. Three normally closed thermostats (one per phase). Surpasses the requirements of MG1, Part 31. VPI insulation & insulated O.D.E. bearing is standard on all L440 frames. Exclusive optimum pole Inverter Duty - not for across the line operation. Includes BEI HS35 1024 ppr hollow shaft encoder with MS twist lock connector, mating connector and protective cover.

Baldor Encoder Feedback Kits Catalog Pages in *.pdf format