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SSE Super-E Stainless Steel, 3 PH, C-Face, Encapsulated Motors Footless (1/2 thru 2 HP)

Applications: Food processing, packaging, outdoor and highly corrosive environments.

Features: Class H insulated motor with 1.15 service factor or higher. All external surfaces 300 series stainless steel: motor frame, endplates, conduit box, shaft and base. Moisture resistant insulation system . Endplate rabbets have O-ring seals to band. Conduit box is welded to the motor frame. Patented bearing seal to protect motor bearings, inside and out. Epoxy encapsulated prevents any moisture from reaching the windings as well as potting the passage between the band and the conduit box. Nameplate information is laser etched on the band. Catalog numbers also etched on both sides. Especially effective in highly corrosive environments where paint or other finishes do not hold up. NEMA premium efficiency.

Washdown Duty Motors Catalog Pages in *.pdf format