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Universal Crop Dryer 1PH PSC (Switchless) TEAO Farm Duty Motors

Baldor Universal Crop Dryer 1PH PSC (switchless) Totally Enclosed Air Over Farm Duty Motor Applications:

Specifically engineered for use on vane axial fan crop dryers.

These motors feature a TEAO design that prevents entrance of rodents, insects and other foreign matter. High full load efficiency for reduced operating cost. There is no mechanical switch to wear, no noise and vibration from regeneration, less sensitive to voltage variations, featuring soft start, thermostats and epoxy paint with a 1.00 Service Factor and Class F insulation. Baldor's farm duty motors are designed for many of the varied applications found on the farm. Designs include motors suitable for aeration fans, auger drives, grain stirring, metering pumps, instant reversing, irrigation tower drives, and crop driers. General purpose motors are also available in both single and three phase, TEFC and ODP construction. For those loads that are hard to start and require extra torque, Baldor is the only motor manufacturer that stocks Repulsion-Start Induction Run motors, in sizes from 2 HP to 10 HP. All Farm Duty Motors come with a 24 month warranty.

Baldor Universal Crop Dryer 1PH PSC (switchless) Totally Enclosed Air Over Farm Duty Motors Catalog Pages in *.pdf format