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Woodworking, Single Phase, TEFC Motors (1 thru 3 HP)

The Definite Purpose family of motors captures a host of variety demanded by the marketplace. These motors include TEFC and ODP Two-speed motors, as well as single phase Pressure Washer motors. This group of specialty motors includes Arbor Saw to Woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA motors to SAE Hydraulic Pump motors. An extensive line of TEFC and ODP F-2 motors are available as well in 1 Hp through 60 Hp. The Automotive Approved motors, approved by major US automobile manufacturers, are available in cast iron designs and meet all requirements for sound power levels. A broad line of Design D Oil Field Pump motors, requiring high torque and high slip, are available in 3 Hp through 150 Hp.

Applications: Woodworking equipment such as table saws, planers, etc.

Features: Motor swivels on rod for belt tensioning. Shaft supplied with full key and keyway. Extra high breakdown torques for maximum cutting power. 1.00 Service Factor.

Definite Purpose Motors Catalog Pages in *.pdf format