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Banner Engineering GM-FA-10J Gate Monitoring Safety Module
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GM-FA-10J - Banner Engineering GM-FA-10J - Banner Engineering Gate Monitoring Safety Module, Supply Voltage: 24V ac/dc +/- 20%, Output Type: 2 redundant safety relay contacts

Modules monitor normally-closed emergency stop switch circuits or safety interlock switch circuits for a contact failure or wiring fault.

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Price: $430.00
24V ac/dc operation, 1- or 2-Channel Input

Original Instructions

  • Monitors one or two safety switches for a contact failure or wiring fault
  • Two output switching channels for connection to control-reliable power interrupt circuits
  • Auto reset or monitored manual reset
  • Design complies with standards UL991, ISO 14119, and ISO 13849-1 (EN954-1) (Safety Category 2, 3 or 4)
  • For use in functional stop category 0 applications per NFPA 79 and IEC 60204-1
  • 6 amp safety output contacts
  • Plug-in terminal blocks
  • If terminal blocks are swapped, Module remains functional with no loss of safety function