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Reduce downtime with ISD In-Series Diagnostics
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With ISD, you can daisy-chain safety devices with standard cabling and still receive specific diagnostic data without a traditional communication protocol. Up to 32 devices can be connected via a single low cost 4-pin M12 trunk line cable. This greatly reduces wiring costs and mistakes. Each device is addressed so that the location of the tripped door or E-stop can be communicated back to the operator. This means machines get restarted quickly reducing costly downtime.

SC10 Series - Compact Safety Controller / Relay Hybrid
A Safety Controller that provides easy access to device-level data to increase equipment up-time. Ethernet/IP and Profinet communications come standard in the SC10. Simplify complex safety systems and build-in advanced features and diagnostic capabilities to your equipment while achieving the highest levels of safety.
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SSA-EB1 Series - 30 mm Emergency Stop Buttons
Resolve issues and prevent downtime with powerful emergency stop buttons. These E-stops are now available with In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) technology, the button illumination makes Banner E-stops easy to find in an emergency.
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SI-RF Series - RFID Safety Switches
Non-contact safety switches monitor the status and position of doors, gates, and similar guards. They can send a signal to the machine control system to prevent or stop hazardous situations when the guard is not in the proper position.
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Banner In-Series-Diagnostics






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