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Banner Engineering MINI-SCREEN Safety Light Screen Systems
Banner Engineering Mini-Screen with Metal Box Controller
Banner Engineering Mini-Screen with DIN Controller
Banner Engineering Mini-Screen with Dual DIN Controller

Banner MINI-SCREEN light screen systems are a compact, streamlined solution for point-of operation guarding applications. A MINI-SCREEN system consists of a controller, one or two emitter receiver pairs (depending upon controller model), and interconnecting cables. The lightweight rectangular 38 by 38 mm (11/2" by 11/2") black anodized or safety yellow aluminum emitters and receivers come in lengths from 100 mm to 1.2 m (4" to 48 "). Rated NEMA 4 and 13 (IEC IP65), they are rugged enough for virtually any application.

Controllers are available in two housing styles: a black welded steel lockable box or a DIN-rail mountable polycarbonate module. Select from a choice of controller models with either “trip” output for point-of-operation guarding, or with “latch” output for perimeter guarding applications.

The power and range you need. MINI-SCREEN systems achieve a range of 9 m (30'). Optional long-range sensors span up to 18 m (60') for guarding wide openings or for perimeter guarding applications using corner mirrors. Guard two areas of the same machine using a single controller. Spend less to do more when your application allows. An optional DIN-rail-mountable dual light screen controller is available to enable you to connect two pairs of sensors to a single controller and guard two areas of one machine.