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PICO-GUARD Fiber Optic Safety Grid

PICO-GUARD Fiber Optic Safety Systems

  • Uses compact, non-contact fiber optic technology for personnel safety and equipment protection
  • Eliminates electrical wires and expensive electrical wiring, for easy installation
  • Offers choice of 2-, 3- or 4-beam Grids and single-beam Points for perimeter and access guarding
  • Features a variety of interlock switches for doors, guards, gates and covers
  • Offers optical E-stop buttons for complementary protective measures to safeguarding devices that detect or prevent inadvertent access to a hazard
  • Includes four optical channels in each controller
  • Available in controller models with optical channel auxiliary outputs and muting
  • Includes two Universal Safety Stop Interface (USSI) inputs for direct connection of multiple safety devices
  • Offers selectable trip or latch output, external device monitoring and auto/manual power-up
  • Needs no alignment and doesn't wear out
  • Meets Category 4 interlocking requirements with one switch per guard, even with multiple switches per optical channel
  • Offers ATEX, FM and CSA certification ratings for use in explosive environment