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P4 EDGE 1.3 Right-Angle Kits
Banner Engineering PresencePLUS P4 Edge 1.3 Right-Angle Kits
Banner Engineering PresencePLUS Vision Systems

Banner Engineering Corp. has announced the New PresencePLUS P4 EDGE 1.3. Capable of accurately sensing and evaluating more than 10,000 objects per minute, the new P4 EDGE 1.3 is ideal for validating the height and width of parts, locating labels, detecting the edges of materials and for measuring the fill level and cap positioning for bottles in high-speed bottling plants. The P4 EDGE vision sensor delivers maximum throughput at an unbelievably low price. Challenging high-speed applications that couldn't justify a high cost vision inspection system costing tens of thousands of dollars can now easily justify vision sensors costing less than a thousand dollars each.

The Banner Engineering P4 EDGE 1.3 Sensor / System features include:

  • Over 10,000 parts-per-minute inspection speeds
  • Easy-to-use set-up interface; a single PC program configures all PresencePLUS P4 and PresensePLUS Pro sensors
  • Remote TEACH input allows the sensor to learn to pass and fail new or different products without interrupting production
  • Live video images without a PC
  • Inspect parts with Locate, Edge, Object and Measure tools
  • Test tool to drive discrete I/O
  • Stores 12 different inspection files selectable via a product change wire and product select wire
  • Standard PresencePLUS P4 I/O—10/100 Ethernet, RS232 Serial, 4 discrete NPN or PNP wires with configurable timing