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SC26-2D - SC26-2D Safety Controller: Non Expandable; 26 Input; ; 2 Outputs (.5 A each); Display; No Ethernet; USB; 8 convertible Inputs; Removable Screw Terminals; 24 V dc; 120 mA

SC26-2D - Banner Engineering
Price: $663.00
Manufacturer SKU: SC26-2D

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Part Number: SC26-2D

With a smaller footprint and addition of Boolean logic functions, the SC26-2 was designed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient.
  • Monitors a variety of input devices such as e-stop buttons, rope pulls, enabling devices, protective safety stops, interlocked guards or gates, optical sensors, two-hand controls, and safety mats
  • Boolean logic functions for programming flexibility
  • Intuitive programming environment for easy implementation
  • Pre-configured safety function blocks including two-hand control, muting and enabling device to simplify application programming
  • Base Controller allows 8 of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal use
Product Specifications
Network Interface Ethernet 10/100 Base-T/TX, RJ45 modular connector Selectable auto negotiate or manual rate and duplex
Auto MDI/MDIX (auto cross) Protocols: EtherNet/IP (with PCCC), Modbus/TCP
Data: 64 configurable virtual status outputs; fault diagnostic codes and messages; access to fault log
Power 24 V dc ± 20% (incl. ripple), 100 mA no load Ethernet models:add 40 mA
Display models:add 20 mA
Convertible I/O Sourcing current: 80 mA maximum at 55 °C (131 °F) operating ambient temperature (overcurrent protected)
Safety Inputs Input On threshold: > 15 V dc (guaranteed on), 30 V dc max. Input Off threshold: < 5 V dc and < 2 mA, –3 V dc min.
Input On current: 5 mA typical at 24 V dc, 50 mA peak contact cleaning current at 24 V dc
Input lead resistance: 300 Ω max. (150 Ω per lead)
Input requirements for a 4-wire Safety Mat:Max. capacity between plates: 0.22 μ F
Max. capacity between bottom plate and ground: 0.22 μ F
Max. resistance between the 2 input terminals of one plate: 20 Ω
Solid State Safety Outputs 0.5 A max. at 24 V dc (1.0 V dc max. drop) Output OFF threshold: 1.7 V dc typical (2.0 V dc max.)
Output leakage current:: 50 μ A max. with open 0V
Load: 0.1 μ F max., 1 H max., 10 Ω max. per lead
Operating Temperatures 0 °C to +55 °C (+32 °F to +131 °F)
Environmental Rating NEMA 1 (IEC IP20), for use inside NEMA 3 (IEC IP54) or better enclosure
Removable Screw Terminals Wire size: 24 to 12 AWG (0.2 to 3.31 mm²) Wire strip length: 7 to 8 mm (0.275 in to 0.315 in)
Tightening torque: 0.565 Nm (5.0 in-lb)
Removable Clamp Terminals Important: Clamp terminals are designed for 1 wire only. If more than 1 wire is connected to a terminal, a wire could loosen or become completely disconnected from the terminal, causing a short. Wire size: 24 to 16 AWG (0.20 to 1.31 mm²)
Wire strip length: 8.00 mm (0.315 in)
Mechanical Stress Shock: 15 g for 11 ms, half sine, 18 shocks total (per IEC 61131-2) Vibration: 3.5 mm occasional / 1.75 mm continuous at 5 Hz to 9 Hz, 1.0 g occasional and 0.5 g continuous at 9 Hz to 150 Hz: all at 10 sweep cycles per axis (per IEC 61131-2)
Safety Category 4, PL e (EN ISO 13849) SIL CL 3 (IEC 61062, IEC 61508)
Product Performance Standards See Standards and Regulations section in the Instruction Manual for a list of industry applicable U.S. and international standards.
EMC Meets or exceeds all EMC requirements in IEC 61131-2, IEC 62061 Annex E, Table E.1 (increased immunity levels), IEC 61326-1:2006, and IEC61326-3-1:2008

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