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Introducing Banner Engineering's New Tower Light
Configurator For EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Lights

Banner Engineering's New TL50 Tower Light Configurator

Customers can now design their own custom tower light in 6 easy steps!

The Tower Light Configurator allows customers to choose:
  • Standard, high-intensity, and daylight visible beacon models
  • From 10 light color choices for standard models and 5 for high-intensity or daylight visible models
  • Steady-on, rotating, or flashing light functions
  • Three optional audible functions: continuous, pulsed or staccato
  • Housing color and connection types
Banner Engineering's New TL50 Tower Light Configurator

- Provides customers with a corresponding model number, wiring diagrams, CAD files, accessories, and data sheets.
- Model numbers (and related pictures and information) are even generated for tower lights that have not been previously built, making them easy to conceptualize and order.
- Easy to use interface accessible from your desktop, laptop, or tablet (iPad and Android).
- Walker Industrial stocks all configurations for quick and easy ordering.

TL50 Features:

  • Choice of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Magenta,
    Orange, Turquoise, Sky Blue, and Violet Segment Colors
  • None (IP67), Standard (IP50) Continous Alarm Style,
    and Sealed (IP67) Continuous, Pulsed, or Staccato
    Alarm Style Audible Options
  • Choice of Integral Cable (2m Length), Integral QD,
    or Euro Pigtail (150mm Length) Connections
  • Customization allows for use in a wide range of applications
  • Bright and efficient LED Lights
  • Choice of 0 to 5 Light Segments
  • Black or Gray Housing Colors
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