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Introducing The New Banner Engineering
Wireless Q45 Photoelectric Sensors.
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New Banner Engineering Wireless Q45 Photoelectric Sensors In Stock

The next generation in sensing technology.

Solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems. Banner's Wireless Q45 Sensors are the first self-contained wireless standard photoelectric sensor solution designed for your most challenging control and monitoring applications.
  • Easily add a single photoelectric sensor in minutes without pulling cables
  • Quickly integrate a scalable, wireless sensor network infrastructure to improve efficiency by monitoring and coordinating multiple machines and processes
  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band radio meets world-wide standards

Cable Replacement: Eliminate power and communication cable runs, conduit, associated labor costs and reduce downtime.
Moving Applications: Add sensing to moving machinery. Replace failure-prone slip rings in rotary machines and complex, flexible or festooned cabling or ribbons in motion applications.
Remote Applications: Quickly and easily connect locations and applications previously impractical or impossible.
Productivity Solutions: Easily create call-for-parts, error-proofing or call-for-service systems.
Diagram of Banner Engineering Q45 Wireless Sensors

Performance and Features:

  • True self-contained wireless: No cables, cordsets or external power
  • Long Range: 3,000 ft. (1 km) line-of-sight minimum
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to five years on two replaceable AA lithium batteries, depending on sensor and application. See data sheet.
  • Multiple I/O: Supports a wireless network of up to 47 Q45 sensors per Gateway
  • Deterministic: Background “heart beat” signal continuously tests connection and provides link loss signal
  • Real-Time Response: Less than 250 ms
  • Secure Data Transfer: Bidirectional system uses pseudo-random frequency hopping with cyclic redundancy checksum
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • IP67/NEMA 6P: Sealed against liquids and debris common to industrial environments
  • Available models: Polarized Retroreflective, Diffuse, Convergent Visible, Remote Device Interface, Fiber Optic
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