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The iVu Plus Gen 2 is a new hardware platform developed to provide customers with more inspection capabilities now and into the future. The sensor looks the same and delivers the same intuitive interface and functionality of the previous generation iVu sensor, but now offers expended capabilities to solve a wider range of applications.

All iVu Plus TG Gen 2 sensors offer the option for a full resolution inspection capability to better detect small features. All iVu Plus BCR Gen 2 models offer a coarse mode option that can provide significantly faster barcode read rates, especially for 2D barcodes. This new platform also provides capability for future development of new features so the iVu can continue to improve and address even more customer needs.

It is important to note that while the Gen 2 models offer all of the above options, the default settings match the previous generation so customers have the option to run inspections the same as they always have.
  • All-inclusive image sensor with lens, light, IO and touch screen programming
  • Ability to change parameters on the fly
  • Supports the ability to obtain results and command rapid product changeovers over TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCP protocols
  • Provides the capability of storing and controlling up to 30 inspections for fast product change over
Performance Benefits
  • Faster 2D barcode reading
  • Finer blemish & area detection
  • Teach smaller objects for match sensor without significant slowdown
More Commonality Between Standard and Plus
  • PNP/NPN selectable (versus by model)
  • Fewer model number variations
  • Pull-up resistor for input
  • Platform enhanced for future capabilities
Same Key Benefits as Gen 1
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Unique integrated display for easy installation and monitoring
  • Runtime editing doesn’t stop production
  • Multi-part identification and sorting
  • Wider range of lens options
    • Interchangeable microvideo lenses
    • C-mount options
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