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SmartReflect, the reflective photoelectric revolution from Baumer, allows for the most reliable object detection using the light barrier principle while eliminating the reflector as a weak spot. The SmartReflect light barrier forms a closed light beam between the sensor and any machine part, unlike diffuse or through-beam sensors. Every beam interruption by any object is detected thanks to the SmartReflect principle. The SmartReflect light barrier can reliably detect objects independent of their shape, color and texture.

The ideal solution for:

  • The food and beverage industry
  • Industrial automation (installation and handling technology, packaging technology, the graphic industry)
  • The detection of transparent objects

Maximum reliability

  • Highly reliable object detection thanks to the barrier principle
  • Greater process safety through elimination of the reflector as the weak point
  • No function impairment through dirt accumulation

Reduction of operating costs

  • Time savings during installation, since no separate reflector / receiver is required
  • Regular reflector replacement not required
  • Expensive reflector cleaning not required

Parts in the family include:

  • FNCK 07N6910, FNCK 07N6910/KS35A, FNCK 07P6910, FNCK 07P6910/KS35A, FNDH 14G6901, FNDH 14G6901/IO, FNDH 14G6901/KS34A, FNDH 14G6901/KS34A/IO, FNDH 14G6902, FNDH 14G6902/IO, FNDH 14G6902/KS34A, FNDH 14G6902/KS34A/IO, FNDH 14G6903, FNDH 14G6903/IO, FNDH 14G6903/KS34A, FNDH 14G6903/KS34A/IO, FNDK 07N6910, FNDK 07N6910/KS35A, FNDK 07P6910, FNDK 07P6910/KS35A, FNDK 14G6902/IO, FNDK 14G6902/S14/IO, FNDK 14G6902/S35A/IO, FNDK 14G6903/IO, FNDK 14G6903/S14/IO, FNDK 14G6903/S35A/IO, FNDK 14G6904/IO, FNDK 14G6904/S14/IO, FNDK 14G6904/S35A/IO, FNDK 14P6910/S14, FNDK 14P6910/S35A, FNDR 14G6901, FNDR 14G6901/S14, FNDR 14G6901/S14/IO, FNDR 14G6902/S14, FNDR 14G6902/S14/IO, FNDR 14G6903/S14, FNDR 14G6903/S14/IO