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Crane & Hoist

From bridge to hoist and everything in between, Nidec Avtron Automation provides a broad range of high-performance, high durability encoders to solve key problems:

Problem Avtron Solutions Featured Models
Vibration, Alignment & Run-out No Bearing Modular Models Fully Potted Electronics AV850, AV56
Temperature Extremes Wide-Range Electronics Synthetic Bearing Grease HS45
Impact Damage No Bearing Modular Models AV85
Long Cable Runs / Festoon Hi-Power, Protected Electronics AV45
Drive Trips Onboard Digital Self-Tuning & Diagnostics AV115
Replace Light-Duty OEM-Installed Models Oversize Bearings Magnetic Sensors
Mechanical Fit & Form
Brushless Solution HS44, HS45
Provide Compact Size & Reliable Performance Dual-Seal System Wide-Gap Optics HS35A