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DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Safety Modules


Two-Hand Control Monitoring (four output contacts)

To monitor an operator's two-hand control station, using a module with four redundant output contacts


The two-hand control safety module ensures that the cycle begins and runs only when the operator touches both Self-Checking Touch Buttons (STBs) within half a second. The module is also compatible with existing mechanical palm buttons. It has inputs for one pair of operator buttons and four 6-amp safety outputs, as well as auxiliary outputs.

  • Modules work with Banner STB self-checking touch buttons or can be retrofitted with existing mechanical palm buttons to create a complete, ergonomic two-hand control system.
  • To ensure reliability, modules have a diverse-redundant microcontroller circuit and multiple redundant, force-guided (mechanically linked) output contacts.
  • Anti-tiedown logic requires that both touch buttons are activated within one-half second of each other.
  • Ac and dc voltages are available: 24V ac/dc, 115V ac/24V dc or 230V ac/24V dc.
  • Modules are available with two or four normally open (NO) safety outputs.
  • Non-safety auxiliary outputs are available on some models.
  • Modules meet Safety Category 4 per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) and functional Type IIIC two-hand control per EN 574.
  • Removable terminal blocks allow convenient wiring and exchange of modules without rewiring.
  • Optional mute inputs allow release of actuating buttons during the non-hazardous portion of the machine cycle.
  • Available kits include module and two STB touch buttons.
  • STB touch buttons are far more ergonomic than mechanical and difficult-to-activate capacitive buttons.