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Dalton Overload Safety Device
The Dalton "OSD" is a torque-limiter unit which prevents costly breakdowns when equipment is overloaded, by disengaging when a set maximum load is reached. The unit is re-engaged immediately when the overload is eliminated. The "OSD" is easily adjusted with a torque-wrench to the specific torque required. It can be used with a sprocket, gear, belt-pully, or flange.The clutch facings used, have been selected after research and testing, to resist expansion due to moisture. The flanges are high carbon steel forgings, machined accurately for precise operation. The threaded hub and pressure plate are machined square and ground where necessary to position the plate and eliminate extra parts. The torque adjusting nut is hexagonal for easier installation and adjustment. Equipped with needle bearings to eliminate shaft scoring, seizing, and wear. Use only specially ground sprockets.

The Dalton "OSD", Overload Safety Device Unit, is equipped with a single torque adjusting nut for torque uniformity. Only one setting on the single e nut applies equal pressure on the entire unit, whereas the use of multiple e nuts would make it extremely difficult to equalize the pressure and would defeat the purpose of a positive release. A standard pipe wrench, which is readily available everywhere, may also be used to adjust this nut.

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