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Ball Bearings, Inch
Dodge Mounted Ball Bearings

When it comes to reliable service and low maintenance, Dodge mounted ball bearings are unmatched in the industry. Dodge mounted ball bearings are available in any of their proven locking devices: their exclusive 65° set screw locking system, eccentric locking collars, D-LOK™ concentric clamp locking system and their patented* GRIP TIGHT® adapter mounted ball bearing.

Advancements That Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
DualGuard Seal
Comprised of single lip seal and rubberized flinger - included on all standard duty ball bearings. LL Lo Torque Labyrinth seals optional. Snap-on end covers available from stock for most popular cast housings.
Stronger, More Flexible Cage
The ball cage is made of heat stabilized nylon with 33% fill short fiberglass reinforcement for added strength. The nylon material provides a natural lubricity for longer life. Fiberglass reinforcement allows higher operating temperatures than plain nylon, yet is more resistant to fatigue than metallic cages. Short fiberglass allows greater flexibility than steel or normal fiberglass, especially under misalignment. That means longer life in mounted bearings where some degree of misalignment is unavoidably encountered.
Anti-Rotation Pin
An anti-rotation pin prevents rotation of the outer race within the housing. Simple and effective, it makes system inserts easier to replace. There is no need to remove and replace grease fittings, location pins or other devices.
Snap-On End Covers
Dodge also offers a series of injection-molded, impact resistant end covers. Covers are manufactured in OSHA safety yellow and fit many styles of Dodge cast-iron-housed ball bearings.
QuadGuard Seal
  • Triple-lip seal provides 3 points of contact to keep contaminants out and keep grease in.
  • Mechanically retained seal for added strength – allows grease to purge without blowing seals.
  • Patented design of the triple-lip seal produces less drag than competitive offerings.
  • Rubberized flinger provides external protection and discards contaminants as it rotates.
  • Molded baffles in flinger act like a paddle wheel to help deflect liquids.
  • Molded rubber increases the radius of the flinger which increases the acceleration rate of the contaminants as they are thrown away from the bearing.
  • Rubber molding on the flinger is extended to the outer race of the bearing, providing better protection than non-rubberized offerings.
Maxlife Cage
  • Two-piece design
  • Creates compartments that keep grease in close contact to balls
  • Compartments help prevent grease from being washed out during high pressure cleaning
  • Extends the time in between lubrication
  • Cooler operating temperatures extend life of grease
  • Maxlife cage is standard for Extreme Duty and Ultra/E-Z Kleen ball bearings