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Drive Components
Dodge Drive Components

Essential elements of this power transmission cycle are Dodge mechanical drive components: V-belt drives, synchronous drives and roller chain drives. These rugged products not only connect one driven shaft to another, but they isolate shock load and vibration, accepts minor misalignments and synchronize movement between shafts.

Dodge V-belt drives are quiet, high-quality, low-cost products that require very little maintenance. They have the ability to slip upon overload, thus protecting more expensive equipment from load surges.

Dodge synchronous belt drives require no lubrication. They provide a positive engagement between a toothed belt and a toothed sprocket, and are offered with curvilinear, modified curvilinear, and trapezoidal tooth profiles.

Dodge chain drives are compact, economical and easy to install. Capable of operating in high-temperature environments, they provide no slip with no special tensioning and offer the same efficiency advantages as synchronous belt drives.

All Dodge sheaves and sprockets are readily available over a wide range of speed ratios and can be supplemented with our complete offering of Dodge bushings, hubs, belts and accessories.