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AEGIS Series

Eaton’s AEGIS Series surge protection devices enhance equipment protection, avoid maintenance costs and reduce downtime. With a wide range of devices, Eaton’s AEGIS Series helps original equipment manufacturers address the power protection needs of nearly any global commercial or industrial application, while meeting the latest standards.

The AEGIS Series hybrid filter reacts instantly to changes in voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity. In comparison to other line filters, this technology provides a higher level of suppression, reliability and life expectancy. By providing surge protection and filtering, AEGIS protective devices can suppress the noise and transients prevalent throughout the power distribution system to help ensure critical equipment is always operating in peak condition in applications including:
  • Instrumentation
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Pulp and paper operations
  • HVAC systems
  • Petrochemical and refinery installations
  • Food processing
  • Textiles
  • Automotive assembly
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Medical and lab testing equipment
  • PLC control systems
  • AEGIS Series devices meet UL 1449 34d edition standards for surge protection and UL 1283 5th edition for line protection.
  • Compact design with multiple mounting options
  • AC models available with up to 80 kA peak surge current capacity ratings
  • DIN rail mounting available on some models
  • Factory-sealed assembly prevents arc flash and shock hazards
  • Contains no replaceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance
  • Alarm contact available