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Eaton Cutler-Hammer's E26 Modular Stacklights
provide illuminated & audible status indication in all directions!

Eaton Cutler Hammer's E26 Modular Stacklights

Easily assembled plug-in modular units include constant, flashing and strobe
light units, as well as monotonal, bi-tonal, intermittent audible alarms.

The modular design of the E26 stacklight allows for:
  • Stacklights accept a maximum of six incandescent or LED light modules or two Xenon Flasher modules and can be mounted in any position on the stack.
  • Light modules available in a variety of colors for both incandescent lamps and LED lamps.
  • Xenon strobe sets are similar to standard lens/diffuser units, except each set consists of two lens units. The lower unit includes the electronics and is permanently fused to the upper unit which contains the Xenon lamp.
  • Standard stacklight base is used with incandescent or standard LEDs for steady, non-flashing illumination or with flashing LEDs for flashing illumination.
  • Flashing stacklight base allows configuration of each light in the stack for either steady or 60 times per minute flashing illumination.
Eaton Cutler Hammer E26 Stacklight Configurations


  • Modular construction with six lens colors
  • Variety of lamp types and voltages
  • Steady and flashing modes allow one light to signal multiple conditions
  • No-tools assembly
  • Light modules include lens diffusers which provide even illumination and eliminate hot spots
  • Polycarbonate cover and lenses, nylon stacklight base, aluminum extension tubes and zinc die cast mounting base
  • Max operating temperature of 104 Degrees F at 95% RH
  • -4 to 140 Degrees F (-20 to 60 Degrees C)
  • CE, UL, and cUL standards and certifications
  • Stacklight base and light unit feature IP65, NEMA 4, 4X and 13 rating
  • Alarm units feature IP20, NEMA 1 rating
  • IP2X electrical shock protection for base and light unit
  • IP0X electrical shock protection for alarm units

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