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The Next Gen EZ Trim incorporates a unique design that allows the trim to be installed in seconds, rather than minutes. Trim removal is just as fast. The Next Gen EZ Trim saves time and money during the installation and maintenance process. The standard trim features include door-in-door construction; there is no exposed hardware, and no tools are required for installation.

Each Next Gen EZ Trim includes hangers attached on the right side. The bottom trim hanger has a notch in its base. (See Figure 1.) To install, simply insert the bottom hanger into the bottom right side box flange opening, resting the notch on the flange. (See Photo 3.) Now align the balance of the hangers with the other flange openings and push in. When all hangers are in the box flange, lift up slightly to clear the notch on the bottom hanger, and the trim is self-supported on the EZ Box.

To complete the installation, just swing the trim to the closed position, lift up and push to the right slightly, and the trim will drop into place totally secured. The multi-point catches on the left side of the trim will lock into the left side box flange openings.

To prevent the trim from being removed by unauthorized people, a unique sliding means automatically engages when the door over the breakers is closed and latches in place.

The Next Gen EZ Trim has a totally redesigned door lock. The upgraded door lock integrates a heavy-duty steel handle with an integrated key lock. Even the lock hinge has been reinforced to secure the trim door. For larger trims, a second latch, similar to the lock, is used. Once closed, the lock secures the door.

Even the packaging has been upgraded on the Next Gen EZ Trim to help minimize shipping and handling damage.

When used with Eaton's panelboard chassis, EZ Boxes and Next Gen EZ Trims meet the following applicable industry standards:

  • ULT 50 Listed
  • NEMAT Standard PB1
  • Federal specifications
  • National Electrical CodeT

Eaton Cutler-Hammer's E67 Family of Long-Range Perfect Prox Series Photoelectric Sensors are available through Walker Industrial.

Eaton's E67 Long-Range Perfect Prox Series Sensors are the highest-performing long-range sensors available with background rejection. They are the perfect solution for the most difficult sensing applications. These sensors reliably detect targets in range regardless of variations in color, reflectance, contrast or surface shape, while ignoring objects just slightly outside the target range.

  • Sensors offer fixed, preset ranges with no user adjustment to prevent tampering and eliminate downtime.
  • Perfect Prox technology provides exceptional background rejection to solve intense application challenges
  • Dual indicators communicate output and power status from an easy-to-see location at the top of the sensor housing.
  • Fully sealed package provides outstanding performance in difficult application environments.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer's E58 Harsh-Duty Series sensors are the world's most rugged and best-sealed photoelectric sensors. Stainless steel, PVDF and tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using Vitron seals to ensure resistance to chemicals and moisture intrusion. These sensors withstand heavy shock and vibration while providing unparalleled optical performance.

  • Ideal for automotive applications where exposure to lubricants, cutting fluids, coolants and glycols is common.
  • A smooth-body version is a great choice for food-processing applications to withstand high-pressure chemical wash downs, sanitizers, surfactants and cleansing agents.
  • Highly refined optics provide long sensing ranges through high levels of contamination.
  • Perfect Prox technology allows for excellent background rejection and high excess gain.
  • Visible sensing beams enable easy setup.
  • The output status indicator is the brightest available from any sensor manufacturer, providing visibility from any angle in any lighting condition.
  • The industry's only background rejection sensors with a 2-wire circuit design.

No sensor is easier to use than Eaton Cutler-Hammer's SM Series. These easy-to-mount sensors feature TargetLock, which simplifies setup and visually confirms the sensor is positioned to operate with high reliability. TargetLock also provides diagnostic information during use to alert of impeding issues before they result in downtime.

  • Full protection from overvoltage, reverse polarity and short circuits reduces the chance of damage.
  • Bright 360-degree LED indicators clearly display status of the sensors.
  • Perfect Prox models sense different-colored targets and the same range and ignore objects in the background.
  • The compact size allows sensors to fit into tight spaces.