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Eaton Cutler-Hammer
E50 Heavy Duty Modular Limit Switches

E50 Heavy-Duty Modular Limit Switches

The E50 Modular Plug-In Limit Switch from Eaton's Cutler-Hammer sensor business are the industry standard with versatility of design and high reliability for low maintenance, installation and inventory costs. Standard Viton gaskets, seals and boots and a zinc die cast enclosure provide exceptional chemical resistance to the common coolants, cleansing agents, and hydraulic fluids found in machine tool, automotive, waste water treatment and other heavy-duty industrial applications. Mounting dimensions accommodate both U.S. and DIN standards for easy retrofit installations. Super bright 24 - 120V AC/DC LED indicating light versions simplify setup and troubleshooting operations.

Product Features

  • Modular, plug-in components (head, body and receptacle) provide application flexibility, reduced inventory and less downtime
  • Manufactured to take the physical and environmental abuse (including cutting fluids and chemicals) of harsh industrial environments
  • Chemical resistant Viton gaskets, seals and boots are standard, and so are captive, posi-drive screws
  • The switches have terminal identification on the nameplate for a visual wiring checkout without guesswork. Heads and switch bodies can be replaced without rewiring
  • E50 devices can be ordered in separate components or as complete assembled switches
  • 600V rating, ridge-topped contacts and wiping action assure continuity even to logic level circuits
  • Keyed, four direction head positioning
  • Standard 5° pre-travel and 90° total travel
  • 24 - 120V AC/DC LED and 120V AC neon indicating lights available
  • Rotary heads are field convertible CW, CCW, or both, without special tools
  • Epoxy filled, pin connector or pigtail pin connector receptacles available


  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • IEC 947.5.1
  • TUV - E9271605E02
  • CE (where shown)