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Eaton Cutler-Hammer
E50 Heavy-Duty Factory Sealed 6P plus Limit Switches

E50 Heavy-Duty Factory Sealed 6P+ Limit Switches

Eaton's Cutler-Hammer E50 6P+ Limit Switch was specifically designed to withstand the penetrating properties of cutting fluids and coolants, such as those used in the automotive industry, as well as extreme shock, vibration and temperature fluctuations. The one-piece, epoxy filled switch body is prewired at the factory to ensure leak-proof, submersible performance. This unique construction positively stops fluid from finding its way to any and all critical connections. Our 6P+ switches can be ordered in separate components or as complete assembled devices. They are available with prewired 16 AWG cables or mini connectors. Standard and custom cable lengths are available. As part of the E50 line, the 6P+ switches use the same operating heads as the standard E50 plug-in models to reduce the components you need to inventory.

Product Features

  • Manufactured to take the physical and environmental abuse (including cutting fluids and chemicals) of harsh industrial environments
  • Modular, plug-in components (head and switch body) provide application flexibility, reduced inventory and less downtime
  • Chemical resistant Viton gaskets, seals and boots are standard, and so are captive, posi-drive screws
  • A special tertiary seal on the switch body prevents fluid from entering even when the operating head is not attached
  • 600V rating, ridge-topped contacts and wiping action assure continuity even to logic level circuits
  • Factory wired cable features a 350 pound pullout capacity
  • Keyed, four direction head positioning. Standard 5° pre-travel and 90° total travel
  • 24 - 120V AC/DC LED and 120V AC neon indicating lights available
  • Rotary heads are field convertible CW, CCW, or both, without special tools
  • Extended 5 year warranty


  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • IEC 947.5.1