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Eaton Durant
Tachometers and Ratemeters

Tachometer / Ratemeters

Commonly included as a standard feature on totalizers and count control products, ratemeters are used where it is necessary to monitor the speed of a process. Conveyors, baking ovens, material flow and motor speed are characteristic of the types of processes in which ratemeters are applied. Tachometers display motor or shaft RPM.

Courier Series
The Courier Series offers an 8-digit, high-visibility LCD display, optional backlighting, a replaceable lithium battery as well as front panel reset and a remote reset terminal. It’s a 1/Tau ratemeter with scaling capabilities. Various input options are available.
Eclipse Series
The Eclipse Series of tachometers/ratemeters offers a 5-digit, high-visibility LED interface, front panel programming, and various input options. Memory will store up to 100 years of data and does not require batteries. Intended for indoor use to 2000 meters.
Ambassador Series
The Ambassador Series is the most noise-immune ratemeter, with AC/DC power and easy-to-read, two-line LCD screen. Other features include one or two rate inputs, two rate alarms, dual rate unit ratio calculations (A/B, A-B or draw), as well as programmable average times, zero times, and decimal point.