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Eaton Durant
Timers and Hour Meters

Timers / Hour Meters

Timers are used in applications where time is the main focus. To make a process more efficient, effective or safe, timers are used to determine how long a machine has been running in order to schedule machine maintenance or they can start or stop a process at a predetermined point in time.

Electronic Timers / Hour Meters
Eaton’s electronic timers/hour meters are a simple and effective way to monitor equipment on time. They offer LCD displays and ability to choose reset or non-reset function. Available in a variety of power options.
Electromechanical Timers/Hour Meters
Eaton’s electromechanical hour meters are available in a variety of configurations and provide a cost-effective way to monitor equipment on time. They are non-resettable, offer an always-readable display, and retain data in case of power failure. Ideal for small appliances to heavy-duty commercial uses.