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Energy-Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
Energy-Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
The electrical transformer has been a staple of electrical power systems for the past 100+ years. While the types of electrical loads that are being added to our systems today have radically changed, the transformer has stayed relatively the same in design during this time frame. Eaton’s harmonic mitigating transformer (HMT) represents the evolution of the transformer into something that will best provide clean, energy-efficient electricity to power the loads of today and tomorrow. The recent shift of their electrical loads from predominately AC consumers (resistive heating elements, incandescent lighting, three-phase motor load) to DC consumers (such as computers, fax machines, printers, down to the “wall-wart” that recharges the cell phone) requires that their electrical infrastructure changes as well. These new loads now introduce other currents and frequencies into our electrical power systems—commonly known as “harmonics.” Harmonic currents can cause additional heating, which may cause transformers, generators and conductors to become overloaded. Excessive heat is one of the major reasons that standard transformers and conductors fail prematurely. These harmonic currents have various other effects (such as “loss of ride-through capability,” reduced lifespan and mysterious misoperation of equipment) on the components and loads of an electrical distribution system. Eaton’s HMTs, when used properly within an electrical system, will help keep the loads operating the way the manufacturer designed them and keep the facility’s electrical system free from voltage distortion.

Three-Phase, Type DT-3 HMT, 60 Hz

  • Harmonic mitigating (cancellation) transformers are a cost-effective means of treating harmful harmonics in an electrical distribution system
  • Reducing harmonic content in electrical systems can result in a more reliable electrical system, lower maintenance costs, less downtime, fewer equipment malfunctions, and lower cooling system capacity
  • Available in a variety of phase-shift configurations that allow flexibility to target specific families of harmonics
  • Harmonic treatment via electromagnetic flux cancellation
  • May be installed as a stand-alone transformer, or included in IFS™
  • Available in three-phase ratings, 15–500 kVA, up to 600 volts primary
Features and Benefits
  • 480 volt to 208/120 volt standard. Additional voltage combinations available
  • 150°C, 115°C or 80°C temperature rise available
  • Copper windings and terminals standard; aluminum available
  • Meet or exceed NEMA TP-1 energy-efficiency level
  • 200% rated neutral
  • Single electrostatic shield for attenuation of common mode and transverse mode noise
  • Approximately 98% efficient when operated in systems with 100% nonlinear load profiles
  • 220°C insulation system
  • Third-party tested for harmonic performance and energy efficiency
  • Meet NEMA ST-20 sound standards
  • Eliminate circulating harmonic currents in primary windings of transformers
  • Enclosures are NEMA 2 drip-proof. The addition of optional weather-shields makes the enclosure NEMA 3R rainproof
  • Harmonic cancellation via electromagnetic flux cancellation. Filters, capacitors or other such devices are not used
  • Help meet IEEE 519 harmonic limits