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Eaton Cutler-Hammer
IT. IEC Motor Controls

Eaton Cutler-Hammer IT.IEC Motor Starter

Eaton is proud to offer Cutler-Hammer Intelligent Technologies (IT.) - a complete line of forward thinking motor control devices including contactors, starters, overload relays, and accessories. These new products are available as open style components and in enclosed control and motor control centers. Eaton's newest Cutler-Hammer Electromechanical Motor Control products are the most innovative in the world. These advanced components are small in size but deliver big features; including 24V DC control, communication capabilities, and expanded functionality.

Lower Install Costs
Designed to keep installation costs to a minimum. Small size, less weight, modularity, removable terminal blocks, integrally wired solid-state control circuit components, complete starter assemblies, and communications capabilities to minimize point-to-point wiring are just a few features that keep overall costs down. Low coil and overload relay power consumption reduces energy usage; and less heat generation eliminates or reduces control panel cooling and ventilation requirements.

24V DC Control - The Smartest and Safest Choice in Power Today
24V DC Control is reliable, cost-efficient, globally accepted, and offers huge safety advantages over traditional AC control. Many products ranging from sensors to PLCs to valve manifolds have already changed to 24V DC power. By incorporating 24V DC Control, Eaton has reduced the risk inherent to working with higher control voltages. Other safety features include guarded terminals, an environmentally friendly design - no hazardous materials, and Type 2 Coordination.

Improve Process and Application Management
Say goodbye to the days of reactive management! Eaton has developed selectable and programmable motor protective functions that are not available in a "traditional overload relay" and, made them cost effective for each and every motor.

A-Frame Rated to 7-1/2 HP.

Dimensions: Width: 1.2" x Height: 4.0" x Depth: 3.1"