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Eaton Special Purpose GHC Circuit Breakers (15-100 Amperes)

G-Frame Type GD Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers with Non-Interchangeable Trip Units (15-100 Amperes) Features:

  • All two- and three-pole circuit breakers are of the common trip type. On all three-phase delta (240V) Grounded B phase applications, refer to Eaton
  • Single-pole circuit breakers, 15 and 20 amperes. Switching duty rated (SWD) for fluorescent lighting applications
  • All G-Frame circuit breakers are suitable for reverse feed use
  • HACR rated

Eaton's Type GHC circuit breakers have binding head screw-type terminals on line and load side. These circuit breakers with screw-type terminals (0.190-32) will be marked "Special purpose breaker not for general use". Eaton's Series C Molded Case Circuit Breakers are used in panelboard, switchboard, motor control center, and busway applications for dependable branch circuit protection. They have proven user acceptance for over 20 years and meet or exceed North American standards. Available for systems up to 600 VAC or 250 VDC with current ratings up to 2500A.