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Turck's New BEEP Technology Allows a Network of Devices to Communicate as a Single Device

BEEP (Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol) is a new technology that has been added to many Turck Multiprotocol digital block I/O modules. BEEP allows a network, of up to 33 devices (1 Master + 32 Slaves) or 480 bytes of data, to appear to the PLC as a single device on a single connection using a single IP Address.

BEEP Technology Advantages
  • Consolidation of IP addressing: By reducing the number of connections the PLC sees, the user will be able to create high density I/O networks and still utilize their low cost PLC.
  • Less downtime: BEEP supports drop-in replacement of slave devices.
  • Unique selling point: BEEP is available to the user at no additional cost, works with standard Ethernet components and requires no special equipment.
  • Free Technical Support: Free lifetime telephone support with no service or support contract required.
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