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Machine access control with standard ID cards
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Control Access to Your Machines Using Standard ID Cards

Prevent Unauthorized Shut Down and Maintenance

Unauthorized access to manufacturing areas can cause unnecessary machine downtime. Cell access is often mostly uncontrolled allowing anyone to request to enter. While mechanical access keys require management and easily can cause issues, FRANK ensures locations are only access by authorized personnel, protecting you and your up time in manufacturing.
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Productivity Insights

With traditional systems, it can be difficult to understand who accessed a controlled area and how long was spent in the area. With the FRANK software, it logs all access events. This allows for the review of time spent and enables productivity analysis. This can contribute to wider predictive maintenance.
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Simple Integration

Access control systems can be difficult to integrate into industrial environments and interlock safety systems. FRANK makes it simple, existing ID badges can still be utilized and with the reader integrated into the interlock, permissions are managed through an industrial controller and then can deliver simple inputs to the PLC, just like a push button. Negating IT interfaces or complex system integration.

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Fortress Interlocks

Protecting People, Protecting Productivity

Fortress designs and manufacturers customized safety equipment, protecting lives in hazardous workplaces. Their reputation is as a global provider of robust safety specifications for manufacturing environments.

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