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Simplify Your Workplace Audio Notifications

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Federal Signal Safe Solutions

Keeping employees and visitors safe through a new or existing PA system

Federal Signal's CommCenter 300MB is a mass broadcast audio device. It can paired with Federal Signal SelecTone speakers, or easily & inexpensively connected to any existing PA system to enhance it with prerecorded messages, tones, warnings, melodies and signals.

  • Multi-voltage design accepts 24VDC, 120VAC or 240VAC
  • High-quality, non-volatile playback
  • Stores up to six voice messages, melodies, tones and signals
  • Messages can be up to 30 seconds in length (180 second total capacity)
  • Expandable and prioritized
  • Type 1 enclosure
  • UL Listed and cUL Listed




Other Solutions from Federal Signal:

Solution for Crowd Control:
During these unprecedented times, businesses are focusing on ways to keep their customers and employees safe. Federal Signal’s StreamLine Modular Series can help manage foot traffic in and out of facilities by communicating to employees and customers. These units can also be quickly re-configured in the field, so as needs change, these units can be easily changed and adapted.
Federal Signal Safe Solutions
NSF Certified Series - Food Safety
The NSF Certification began as a food and beverage industry standard and overtime was adopted by additional industries that also prioritize cleanliness and sanitation. Choosing an NSF Certified product provides confidence the warning light will optimally perform in your environment, even after exposure to rigorous sanitation processes.
Federal Signal Safe Solutions
Federal Signal Safe Solutions



Federal Signal

Providing products and services to protect people and our planet.

Federal Signal designs and manufactures a suite of products and integrated solutions for municipal, governmental, industrial, and commercial customers under a variety of recognized brand names.

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