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Featuring Federal Signal's Vast Line of Audible and
Visual Signaling Devices For a Total Workplace Solution!

Federal Signal products available at Walker Industrial

Maximize your audio and visual communication where
warning, public address, intercoms and fire alarms are needed.

Federal Signal offers these workplace solutions:
  • Visual Signals including status indicators, flashing and steady-burning lights, strobe lights, and audible/visible devices all in one. Hazardous location and explosion proof models are available, as well as IEC and ATEX rated signals.
  • Audible Devices featuring electro-mechanical horns, bells, and sirens as well as the SelecTone and CommCenter suited for plantwide communication. Specific explosion proof and hazardous area models available, as well as outdoor models.
  • Intercoms in the AudioMaster series for reliable two-way communication, with digital and hazardous location models also available.
  • Public Address includes full systems, amplifiers, speakers, as well as voice guns. Suitable hazardous area and explosion proof models with IEC and ATEX ratings if needed.
  • Telephone Interfaces & Initiating Devices allow for telephone activated remote control of relays and external switch contacts, and multi-purpose push button stations for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Fire Alarms that feature pull stations, visual warning lights, and audible signaling devices. Hazardous location and explosion proof models are available.
Federal Signal Visual Signals, Audible Devices, Intercoms, Public Address, Telephone Interfaces, Initiating Devices, Fire Alarms


  • Offshore drilling and other marine environments
  • Industrial manufacturing and processing complexes
  • Hazardous locations including those that require
    ATEX & IEC approval
  • Telecommunications and radio-communication networks
  • Tough outdoor environments
  • Municipal facilities and much more...
Federal Signal products are suitable for many applications

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