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SelecTone Audible Signaling Device 


Federal Signal's Model 54GC and 54GCB SelecTone Speaker Amplifiers are designed to provide crisp, clear tones in supervised alarm notification systems.

In the Models 54GC, a short, folded re-entrant horn is interposed between the diaphragm and surrounding air space. This design provides optimal dB output and very good frequency response.

The 54GC is UL Listed. It has been designed, tested and approved for use in Type 3R applications. When installed with the Model WB Weatherproof Backbox, the 54GC is suitable for use outdoors. The compact size and attractive appearance of the Model 54GC makes it ideal for use in offices, hallways, reception and plant areas where ambient noise levels are not exceedingly high, and even sound dispersal is desired.

The 54GCB is designed for areas without high ambient noise levels, such as offices, hallways and reception areas. The baffle allows the four–inch speaker to be installed easily in any suspended ceiling plenum with a Model R4NB backbox. The white grill of the 54GCB is attractive in most decors. Internal gain control allows output adjustment from 0dBc to a maximum of 86dBc at 10 feet.

SelecTone Speaker Amplifiers are used individually or as part of a plant–wide emergency notification system. The Model UTM Universal Tone Module, with 32 tones is plugged into a single SelecTone Speaker Amplifier for stand–alone use or into a SelecTone Command Unit for plant wide signaling.


  • Available in 24VDC
  • Solid–state circuitry
  • Built–in gain control
  • Produces 0dBc to 86dBc @ 10' (0dBc to 96dBc @ 1m)
  • Flush or surface mount
  • Type 3R enclosure
  • 4–wire supervisable power circuit
  • UL Listed and CSFM Approved

    pdfDownload the 54GC SelecTone Audible Signaling Device Datasheet in PDF format

    pdfDownload the 54GC SelecTone Audible Signaling Device Instruction Sheet in PDF format