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Fortress Interlocks amGardnct Non-Contact Switches
Non-contact safety switches are interlocking devices that are designed to protect people, industry and productivity.

Non-contact safety switches are ideal for use in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult. Due to the design they are extremely long-lasting devices that require minimal maintenance. In addition they are resistant to shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering.

Fortress has developed the amGardncs, a coded non-contact, safety, proximity switch in a robust package, featuring:

  • Stainless Steel IP69K housing, ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutucal environments or anywhere hygiene or robustness are paramount.
  • PLe Cat 4/SIL3 safety rating.
  • EN14119 compatability.
  • Solid state Hall Effect sensors that do not suffer from vibration and contact bounce.
  • High misalignment tolerance
  • Integrated electronics that monitor for faults and ensure the safety relay does not enter a fault state, irrelevant of the approach direction.
  • Local user indication.
  • Monitor outputs for use in the control system.
  • A variety of termination options

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