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IDEC FC6A Microsmart PLC

IDEC's new PLC is a powerful Micro PLC with a low cost and small form factor that is ideal for many applications. It has the features of a PAC and everything you expect from a PLC. The FC6A contains simplified programming and web page creation along with easy maintenance via remote access.

IDEC FC6A Microsmart PLC
Some Highlights of the FC6A Microsmart PLC
  • Faster Execution: The FC6A has a 16 times faster execution time than the FC5A Microsmart Pentra and speeds comparable to a PAC controller.
  • Expanded Memory: Contains up to 640 KB of programmable memory with 1,024 Timers and 512 Counters.
  • Remote Access: Accessible using Web Browser, E-mail and Text message, Configured with add-on HMI Module.
  • Expansion Modules: Up to 15 Analog and Special Modules can be added to the FC6A PLC.
  • Free Technical Support: Free lifetime telephone support with no service or support contract required.

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IDEC FC6A Microsmart PLC
IDEC FC6A Microsmart PLC

More on IDEC Corporation

IDEC's Designs and manufactures control automation products with a focus on OEMs and machine builders. Their goal is meeting every customer's changing needs with quality products at a competitive price.

For more information or to place an order, please give us a call at 800-558-1899 or 203-304-0777. To purchase online please click here.

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