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Industry Solutions & Software

Automation Software

Automation Software provides effective automated data acquisition and control systems such as Web-based HMI/SCADA Software and OPC Server. Advantech offers more complete, more integrated and more open automation software for facility management systems, providing excellent capabilities to communicate with other equipment, such as data acquisition, testing and measurement, OPC Server and control devices, Advantech WebAccess is a smarter web-based HMI/SCADA software that allows users to monitor and control systems on the internet. SoftLogic is an automation software that supports programmable automation controllers and the OPC sever can integrate HMI software & SCADA software with the I/O device. Advantech's software development kits (SDKs) also include several application-ready software packages that are automation software development tools, helping users easily build facility management systems.

Centralized Motion Control Solution

Centralized motion control solutions include 4-axis, 6-axis and 8-axis motion control cards, embedded motion controller. Utilize a high-performance DSP to calculate the motion trajectories and FPGA to process critical motion IO. The kernel on DSP is the Softmotion kernel built by Advantech. All motion cards support common motion API for easy integration or machine upgrade. Motion functions of the cards vary from basic point to point motion control, economic linear/circular interpolation to application-specific functions. The PCI-1240U/PCI-1220U and PCI-1243U are motion control cards that are ASIC based. The PEC-3240 is an embedded motion controller; programmers can speed up their system development with this Application ready embedded motion controller. Windows 32 bits/64 bits, .Net components are supported.

Distributed Motion Control Solution

The AMONet RS-485 series of distributed motion control products are categorized as Slave Modules and Master Cards. The AMAX-1220/1240/2240 series are used to increase the number of axes for distributed motion control networks; the AMAX-1750/2750 series extend the digital I/O capacity, each digital input module reduces wiring between driver and controller. The Master Card is installed in the host PC, the PCI-1202U and the PCM-3202P master cards collect and publish the information to the host PC. The advantage of the AMONet RS-485 is its compatibility with motor drivers from different vendors such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Yaskawa. Thus, the AMONet is engineered to tackle the problems of increased spending on wiring and maintenance of these distributed motion control systems.