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LEESON's stock motor lineup includes AC & DC designs in sub-fractional through hundreds of horsepower sizes for general purpose use and specific-duty applications. All popular enclosures and configurations are available, along with some not-so-easy-to-find items.

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Agricultural Duty: Ideally suited for use Farm /Ag equipment such as feeders, conveyors, fans, grain elevators, silo unloaders, and other demanding farm duty equipment

Explosion Proof: Designed and approved for application in hazardous environments having certain explosive gases or materials present

Pressure Washer: Motors specially suited for hot or cold pressure washer applications and other single phase installations requiring minimum starting and running amperages

Pump Motors: Pump Motors include jet pump, JP, PM, fire and SAE hydraulic pump motors and carbonator pump motors for applications from commercial to industrial.

Severe Duty: TEFC, Severe Duty, Three-phase AC motors provide both premium energy-efficiency and outstanding performance.

Vector Duty: Designed for inverter or vector applications where up to 2000:1 constant torque speed range is required.

Washguard Duty: Washguard® three phase motors deliver something most motors can’t—the confidence to know your applications will be up and running no matter what you throw at them.

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Explosion-Proof: Hazardous environments having certain explosive gases or materials present

Gearmotors: Parallel shaft and right-angle variations are rugged and adaptable

IEC Metric: Metric dimensioned motors built to IEC 34-1 electrical and mechanical standards

Low Voltage: Battery or solar powered operations, or generator supplied low voltage DC

NEMA Frame: High voltage permanent magnet DC motors used with an SCR (thyristor) controller

Sub-Fractional HP: Full wave non-filtered SCR controls for adjustable speed applications requiring dynamic braking and constant torque

Washguard Duty: Regular washdown or otherwise wet environments - they retard the entrance of water during cleaning operations

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LEESON offers over 6,000 AC and DC stock motors, gearmotors and control solutions. All built for industrial use with the features you expect for new installation requirements and convenient replacement.

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