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AC Controls
AC Controls

FHP Series
The FHP Series are volts/hertz-type AC inverters are simple to set-up and calibrate as and SCR-type DC control. These cost-conscious and compact designs maintain the industry standard for mounting hole location.

Micro Series

Leeson's Micro Series line of compact inverters offer “Big drive” features for adapting standard or premium efficient three-phase motors to adjustable speed operation. They utilize the latest technology in software and power conversion circuitry.

Sub-Micro Series

Leeson's SM-Plus Series line of compact inverters offers “BIG” performance from an ultra-compact design. They provide 18 isolated I/O terminals plus RS485 Modbus® serial communication.

Vector Duty

With its power range up to 25 HP, its flexibility and low price, the SM2 Flux Vector Series inverters excel in applications where inverter technology was once considered too costly.

Washdown Duty

NEMA 4/12 (IP65/IP54) rugged steel enclosures are offered in either a Food-Safe Epoxy Finish or in 300-Series Stainless Steel. Some higher HP inverters are only offered as NEMA 12, having an external cooling fan.