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Lenze AC Tech MC3000 Frequency Inverters - 208-240 Volt
Lenze AC Tech MC3000 Frequency Inverters - 208-240 Volt 3 Phase Input NEMA4

The choice when your process control demands fast acceleration and response. Designed expressly for use where the motor control is an integral part of a process, the MC3000 is rated for constant torque applications but can easily be configured for variable torque applications. Most process control drives are designed for variable torque applications where the motor is driving a centrifugal fan or pump. As such, these drives are limited to 110% current for overload situations such as acceleration or responding to a feedback change.

The MC3000 is a true Constant Torque drive rated for 180% of rated current for 30 seconds and 150% for one minute; this allows faster response to system changes and the ability to apply the MC3000 to non-centrifugal applications such as compressors, conveyors and other "constant torque" loads.

MC3000 drive features

  • Speed synchronized automatic restart after fault
  • Loss of follower signal action: fault or go to preset speed
  • Control configuration: local, remote, serial communications, keypad, terminal strip, PID mode
  • Adjustable units display: PSI, CFM, GPM, FPM, IN, FT, Hz, RPM, %, /SEC, /MIN, /HR
  • Auxiliary outputs - two open collector outputs and a Form-C relay: Functions include Loss of Speed Reference Signal, Run, Fault, Inverse Fault, Fault Lockout, At Commanded Speed, Above a Preset Speed, Current Limit, Auto/ Manual Mode Indication, PID High/Low Alarms
  • Sleep mode with adjustable speed threshold and time
  • Metasys Serial Communication Protocol (optional)
  • Modbus Serial Communication Protocol (standard)

Expand the capabilities of your MC drive with the following options.

All options can be factory installed or field installed.

  • Dynamic Braking: for faster stopping or deceleration
  • Additional Form-C relay
  • Remote Keypad
  • PID: direct or reverse acting with adjustable Proportional, Integral, and Derivative gains, signal calibration, high and low level alarms. programming.