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Line Reactors and
Output Filters
Line Reactors and Output Filter

In applications with a variable frequency drive or servo-motor, the need arises to reduce harmonic distortion on the power line side and the over-voltages generated on the output side, which are potentially harmful to motors. For this reason, Enerdoor has created several series of line and load inductances with common-mode and differential mode applications. These series are able to reduce harmonic distortion and protect the motor.

To reduce the PWM effect, Enerdoor offers the sinus wave filter series, which converts the PWM into a sine wave and reduces the dV/dt. The sine wave FIN915SF series is used with fundamental frequencies up to 2 kHz.

The high frequency inductance FIN960F is a specific product used for synchronous motor spindles. Various combinations of current and inductance values are available. Custom inductances are available upon request.