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A 3-phase monitor relay with Modbus TCP
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Macromatic PC1

Reduce Downtime and Service Costs!

  • Three-Phase Monitor Relays provide real-time status and measurement via Modbus TCP
  • Modbus makes data available for continuous monitoring, real time alerts and intelligent troubleshooting
  • Real time data improves decision making within smart control systems
  • Protects against phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, under voltage and overvoltage
  • True RMS voltage measurement ensures more accurate measurement regardless of load type or wave shape
  • LED status indication on front face for easy troubleshooting

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Macromatic designs and manufactures industrial control and monitoring products that control electrical processes and monitor power for damaging fault conditions.

Macromatic provides solutions for a range of OEM and MRO applications. Our products are used in water/waste water, pump and motor control, irrigation, oil and gas, HVACR, material handling, lifts and elevator and other systems requiring process control and protection.

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